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New Jersey - Products & Principals

New Jersey - Products & Principals
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Field Instruments,
Data Acquisition,
Asco Magnetic Level Indicators
Aurora® MLI with integral
Guided Wave Radar
Jupiter® Magnetostrictive
Leslie Controls
Flowseal® High Performance
Butterfly Valves
Centerline® Resilient Seated
Butterfly Valves
Crane REVO actuation

Crane Valve Float/Displacer Switches
Eclipse® Guided Wave Radar
Pulsar® Thru Air Radar
Ultrasonic and Thermal Switches
Pressure Reducing, Backpressure
And DP Regulators
Self Contained, Dome Loaded,
Pilot Operated
Control Valves – Globe, Butterfly,
Eccentric Plug

RTDs Thermocouples

High Accuracy / High Flow
  Forcemeter, Target Flowmeter, Nutating Disc, Oscillating Piston, Turbine Flowmeter 
 Asco Tank Blanketing Valves
Pressure / Vacuum Vents
Flame Arrestors
 Asco Mechanical Gauges
Bi-Metal, Vapor and Gas Actuated


Badger Meter
Dual Disk Wafer Check Valve
Iron, Carbon, Stainless Steel
Soft and Metal Seated
2” thru 48”
Asco Oxygen Analyzers – Electrochemical, Paramagnetic, Zirconium Oxide
Hydrocarbon Analyzers – Flame Ionization Detector
Thermal Conductivity
Trace Moisture Analysis
Plasma Ionization – N2 in Ar Measurement
Instrument Manifolds
Coplaner and Traditional Mount
Hand Valves
 Asco Mechanical Pressure and Temperature Switches
Electronic One Series® 
  US Gauge
M&G Seals
Digital Indicators
GRP instrument Enclosures
Enclosure Heaters
Instrument Integration
Asco Sight Flow Indicators
Jet Pumps
Sight Windows
 Asco Compressed Air Components
Filters , Regulators, Lubricators (FRL’s)
Air Dryers
  High Pressure Valves,
Fittings and Tubing
Pressures to 150,000 psi

 Asco Remote Alarm Monitoring - Autodialer
Wireless Devices
Internet based Solutions
Knife Gate Valves
Sluice Gates
Damper Valves
 Asco Variable Area
Vane / Piston
Vortex Shedding
Asco Industrial Scientific
Fixed Gas Detection Systems

  Precision Load Cells
Process Weighing Systems
 Bettis Actuators Bronze & Stainless Steel 2-Way
Solenoid Valves

Bi-Metal Thermometers
Infrared Non-Contact
Sanitary Bi-Metal


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Pennsylvania Office

505 Gordon Drive
Exton, PA 19341

Phone: 610-363-6200
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Fax: 610-524-7254

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We are proud to announce that Yokogawa Corporation of America has appointed Miller Energy as their exclusive representative for the Northern NJ and Metro NY area.

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