Selecting Variable Area Flow Meters for Process Flow Measurement

Many industrial processes require reliable, accurate and repeatable gas and liquid flow measurement and control. Variable area (VA) meters are extremely versatile in this arena. They are ideal for monitoring process flow, instrument impulse flow lines, purge gas flows, flows of flushing or cooling media, make-up flows, and reactor gas and liquid feeds.

Unlike other flow meters, VA meters will respond like a canary in a coal mine when air quality changes. If process conditions change, they usually impact flow rate. For example, if the back pressure changes on gas flows, the flow rate will change. For this reason, it’s necessary for engineers to take several factors into consideration when specifying a VA meter for their applications.

This paper, provided by Brooks Instrument, provides an excellent resource for selecting a variable area flow meter.

Download Selecting Variable Area Flow Meters for Process Measurement tpaper here.

Selecting Variable Area Flow Meters for Process Flow Measurement

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