Center Line & Flowseal Butterfly Valves

Center Line & Flowseal Butterfly ValvesCenter Line and Flowseal butterfly valves resilient seated (Center Line) and high performance (Flowseal) butterfly valves provide a high quality solution to any butterfly valve requirement. 

Cneter Line Flowseal

Center Line (Resilient Seated)
  • Suitable for both gaseous and liquid service
  • Positive shutoff bi-directionally
  • Direct mount automation

Flowseal (High Performance)
Flowseal® High Performance Butterfly Valves are a standard in many industries including heating, ventilating and air conditioning, power generation, hydrocarbon processing, water and waste water treatment, and marine and commercial shipbuilding.

Flowseal MS Triple Offset
For the harsh conditions of critical process applications, steam isolation, high cycle frequency and temperature extremes, the Flowseal® MS triple-offset, metal-seated valve offers unmatched performance, reliability and quality.

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