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Orion Magnetic Level

Orion Instruments specializes in high-visibility magnetic level indication and high-accuracy magnetostrictive level transmitters. You'll also find a variety of other accessory items that can be included to expand the overall capability of your instrumentation.

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  • Magnetic Level Indicators
  • Level Transmitters
  • Level Switches
Orion Magnetic Level
  • Magnetic Level Indicators - A basic, high-performance magnetic level indicator suitable for a wide range of process conditions. Atlas is the perfect choice if you're looking for a reliable visual indication solution without necessarily requiring an accompanying continuous level transmitter. It can, however, be coupled with several transmitter and switch options to expand its overall capability.
  • Level Transmitters - Liquid level transmitters can expand the functionality of a Magnetic Level Indicator by communicating an accurate reading back to the control room.
  • Level Switches - Point Level switches allow you the ability to create high and low level alarms by sensing the position of the magnetic float.

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